New Client Promotion
New Client Promotion
New Client Promotion
Standard Retainer: $1,950.00

Retainer: $100.00

Standard Payment Program (Set Up Fee + Retainer Payment Options)

Automated Rescore Systems International and you (client) are entering into a payment contract. Client is to pay $250.00 for a credit evaluation to start the rescoring process. Client will pay the remaining balance to Automated Rescore Systems International for the next 17 months in the amount of $100.00 per month. For a total of $1,700. Plus the $250 evaluation is $1950. This contract for rescoring is for a full 18 months from the first payment date or otherwise stated.

Upon signing the Automated Rescore Systems International contract, client is to sign up for a Credit 3 Credit Reports with FICO account at

This will give us the information we need on a daily basis to process your file as fast as possible.

When account is created, client is to share account username and password with Automated Rescore Systems International. Automated Rescore Systems International requires client to hold the 3 Credit Reports with FICO account for a minimum of 4 months. 3 Credit Report/FICO account is $29.95 per month. This cost is not included in the set up fee or monthly payment plan.